Friday, April 10, 2009

Fun With Hate Mail Part III

Has it really been this long since my last post??? I'm terrible! So much has happened in the last exciting and tumultuous month. Yet I have so little time right now. To make up for my blog-neglect, I will share with you THE BEST hate message I've gotten to date. I don't even have a response to it because it just speaks for itself. So without further adieu I present: 

Fun With Hate Mail Part III
Submitted on 2009/04/09 at 1:29pm
You guys are sooooooooo LAME!!!!! Gosh! You make Twilight embarrasing! Like OMFG~!!!!!!!! Like I don’t even know~! You make the younger fans feel gay….and…lame…and old….and I just think you guys need to get a life! Like seriously…seriously.
Muah ha ha.
Get a life.
I'd also like to thank Mrs. "feel gay" for adhering to the TwilightMOMS strict No Foul Language policy (for the most part) and wish her the best of luck with her self esteem and tendency to blame everyone else for everything wrong in her world. 

p.s. You think we make YOU feel old??? 


Georgia said...

Lisa... you make me feel gay too... but its cuz I lurve you so much and I want to have your babies.

Is this comment inappropriate? Cuz if it is I give you full permission to print it out, keep it under your pillow and then delete the evidence from your blog.


Lyndsay Budge said...

You guys get hate mail? That's the funniest thing I've ever heard! This letter was particularly hillarious. I can't believe somebody actualy wasted time to write something that sounded so unintelligent! You guys are great! Love ya Lisa!

Melissa said...

Like, the whole, like, Valley Girl song just, like, started playing in my head! Like, oh my gosh! Is that girl in her 40's or is she just, like, wanting to be like us.

If you've never heard the Valley Girls song (I forget you are all younger than me) it's worth a listen.

Way to maintain your sense of humor. It's really why you are THE Lisa. :)

Julie @ Reading Lark said...

Oh my. I mean, really. What can you say to something like that. "I hope your parents and English teachers are proud," just doesn't seem like enough.

Brittany said...

That was really funny, but I don't think I understood it. Gay? Literally? Or in the negative way I heard people use the phrase when I was ten years old? Hmmm. Speaking of "Old", I wish she had expounded on that part. It sounds interesting. What was with the laughing bit at the end? Maybe to show that it's really a joke? "Like seriously...Seriously", how can I take something seriously if I can't make any sense of it?

I think I'm analyzing it too much :)