Thursday, October 30, 2008

Article: There I Go Again… Having Fun

Back in July I was contacted by some women who were putting together an online Twilight magazine and they had asked me to contribute an article so I was happy to oblige. I need to go search for the name of the online magazine to see if I can possibly link to it. But, for now, here is the little "piece" I wrote. :)

There I Go Again… Having Fun

Lisa Hansen
July 2008

In recent years I believe the definition of what constitutes a “powerful story” has been redefined. There are “good” stories which are enjoyable to read once. We think to ourselves, “That was nice” and then move on to the next. There is the ever so prestigious “literary genius” which is full of beautiful imagery, poetic sentences, seamless storylines and complex characters. We study these books, discuss them, analyze them, are edified by them and then move on to the next book, but come back to it periodically in our lives.

And then there is the story with “power”. It breaks all the rules, leaves critics scratching their heads, and refuses to accept it’s label for age propriety (despite being categorized on bookstore shelves). What about that story? The one that actually changes lives around the world? What about a story that is so consuming that readers, young and old, can’t move on? The story that creates the compulsion to read and re-read and re-read over and over and over? The story that erases social boundaries, creates and enriches relationships? Without intending to be, that story is far more than just words carefully arranged on paper.

Does a story with that much power and force have to be about something profound and hard to grasp? Well, the answer is, “no”. A story with that kind of power doesn’t have to be a commentary on mankind or some prolific figure in history. The Twilight Saga is evidence that a “powerful story” can, in fact, just be about fun and entertainment.

If I had a dollar for every email or comment that I’ve gotten that said how ridiculous I was, that Twilight was “written for teens, so leave it alone”, that I should “get a life”, merely because I created a website for the adult minority of Stephenie Meyer fans, I’d probably have my husband’s student loans almost paid off.

To those comments, I usually just think to myself (with heavy sarcasm), “Gee, I totally forgot that being a wife and mom meant that I was no longer allowed to have interests” or “Whoops! There I go again, having fun… and at MY age! How revolting!”

But, the big question is, “Just who constitutes what a 'life' is and what a 'life' entails?" Life is made up of experiences, feelings, emotions, interactions. If I am not creating memories of a life filled with vibrant passion, love and loss, laughter and tears, and meaningful relationships with others, then I am not experiencing “life”.

Reading Twilight has added to my life experiences. Twilight has the power to suck the reader into the story. The experiences, feelings, emotions, interactions are awakened in the reader. The passion, the love and loss, the laughter and tears, the meaningful relationships are experienced in a very personal and real way by the reader.

A story that evokes the sense that the reader is a part of the story rather than just a reader of it, is a story with “power” and that kind of power can’t possibly be subject to something so trivial as an age limit placed upon it by any marketing team!

Never underestimate the power of a story. No matter what it is about. No matter what age bracket is stamped on the cover. It just might be the one that changes you… and millions more.

Blue Hamsters... don't ask... just nod your head and smile...

Last night my 6 year old boy, Caleb, asked me if I wanted to lay on the couch with him and watch TV before he had to go to bed. Of course this just melted my heart! How could I not want to cuddle with my little cutie!? My powers are useless against him! So, we curled up on the couch and often times those are the simple moments that create a warm and fuzzy atmosphere where kids and parents are able to communicate and connect with each other and strengthen family bonds... but... this is my son we're talking about so our "moment" went like this...

Me: I like these granola bars. They're crunchy. Do you like the crunchy granola bars?
Caleb: Yeah! I like crunchy granola bars! (pause) ... I like crunchy granola bars and I like blue hamsters. 
Me: *confused laugh* What??? Blue hamsters??? *confused and unable to form a response*
Caleb: What's so funny? ... Don't you like hamsters?
Me: ummm... sure... I like hamsters... 

Then we go back to watching TV... Caleb, happy and content... my face still contorted with confusion. This kid is just too much like me! So I knew better than to ask, and just took comfort in the knowledge that at least it all makes sense in his head! 

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Close Call

I just found rocks in the ice maker in my freezer. (picture left) I don't even want to think of what would have happened if these actually made their way to the crusher! 

I'm no stranger to finding odd things in my fridge or freezer. Kids will add a lot of  "random" into your days. Especially mine! I'm just glad I caught this one in time, unlike the last "ice maker incident" which involved my husband. (is it weird that I can say I have multiple "ice maker incidents"?)

A few months ago my husband put a couple of cans of black cherry soda in the ice maker to try and chill them really quick for dinner. And I, not knowing this ahead of time, and in a hurry to get dinner underway, started filling the dinner glasses with ice from the dispenser. Imagine, if you will, my shock when all of a sudden, like a scene from a campy horror movie, dark red liquid started pouring out of the dispenser with the ice, splashing and spilling everywhere! 

Maybe someone should make a scary movie just for moms and throw in that scene with a couple of good blood curdling screams, and a stretching hallway scene- you're vacuuming and vacuuming as fast as you can but you just can't reach the end!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!! (Now I'm scaring myself!)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cullen Crest Jewelry

As my good friend *gypsy wings* would say... Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

People have been dying to get their hands on Cullen Crest jewelry like the cast of Twilight are wearing in the movie. Welllllll, I was just randomly surfing last night... late last night... and I came across an exclusive set being offered by Amazon! It's not available until Nov 30th but OME... or should I say OMC!!! This set is on my Christmas list for sure! And I know I'm not the only one out there who WANTS this set (hint to hubby) so, I created the TwilightMOMS Amazon Widget to the left of this post in the red to give you links to the Cullen Crest Set as well as some other awesome items I found. The mens ring doesn't have anything to do with Twilight, but it had "Twilight" in the name and Edward just tied the knot with Bella... so I threw it in there! Heehee! 

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliaphobia= The fear of long words. 

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mark Wahlberg Talks To Animals

I still have not stopped laughing at this...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Does anyone else have kids that are just never ever full??? I swear I don't see why my kids are not morbidly obese at their young ages of 6 and 10! It never fails after every meal, once everything has been cleared away and I have sat down for a little rest one or both of them come up to me and say in a whiney voice, "Mom, I'm hungry". 

uhhh... what???? Excuse me???? Who was that sitting at the table with us minutes ago and said, "Mom, I'm full"? Are you suffering from multiple personality disorder? Do you have a tapeworm? I do not get it!!! And it's not like they are not eating! Oh they eat... and eat... and eat! I have to constantly shoo them out of the kitchen or intercept a whole bag of cereal just before it leaves the house never to be seen again. This is like... daily! Is this normal? And do I just keep feeding the beast(s)? (so to speak) The amount of milk alone we go through for a small family is just outrageous, it seems!

I don't like them constantly eating so I try to control that as much as possible (who knows what they get away with when my head is turned). I don't allow eating before or after mealtimes. When they tell me they're hungry, tell them "the kitchen is closed".  I allow a snack when they get home from school (or between meals on their days off or weekends). Do I just endure the whining and pleading for food like they live in a third world country and I am the evil dictator? Or do I just keep feeding them? Sheesh! Why don't kids come with instruction manuals!?


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fun With Hate Mail

When you have a somewhat high-profile website/fansite, rude, hateful, and oftentimes downright crazy emails of all kinds come in from all sorts of people from all sorts of places. Some of them are just priceless and beg to be shared with the world. 

This is one such email:
Names have been withheld to protect the stupid

xxxxx to admin
Oct 10 

hey u... I' writing this e-mail in the name of all the italian girls that hadn't the possibility of buying tickets for the Rome Film Fest... thank u very much... you broke our dreams... you stole our chance to see Rob and Kris the first time they would have been in Italy... u all could see them and have seen them everyday on the set while they're shooting... we can't believe that... we are so mad at u... we can't decribe how disgusted and angry we are... we are only 17 and this was our chance to see the actors... u have the 25% of the tickets that was up to us... and we will always hate u for that... u are pathetic in your thirties still acting like u were 17... WE are 17... and this is our moment....

The Italian Girls without a ticket just because of u

Now, I didn't jump to any conclusions. A LOT gets past me, and there are tons of things that I'm the last to find out about.  Although, the thought did come to mind that Twilight Moms will do some crazy things in large numbers, ie our massive trip to Forks or the increasingly large get-togethers for no reason other than we are all addicted to each other, thus, a mass exodus to Rome, Italy might actually not be too far fetched. But, somehow I just don't think I could miss something like that being planned, ya know? 

So, in response, I'd just like to say to this person you are obviously very misinformed if you think that I or any of the Administrators were so lucky as to get to attend the Rome Film Festival. You are very naive to think that we somehow scored any tickets to an event so far out of our ability to even attend AND you are even more naive to think that we somehow scored such a vast number of tickets to an event on the other side of the world that you would have no chance to even attend yourself! It is extremely naive to place blame for your inability to attend a public event on people you don't know anything about and who are thousands of miles away from you. When you go making outrageous unfounded claims in a childish tantrum on behalf of all young Italian girls, you do them a great disservice. Fortunately, we know that you do not speak on behalf of them and they are much smarter than to let someone they don't know express an opinion for them. In the future, please look into every aspect of an issue before you go pointing fingers.


(Now wasn't that fun?)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ten Reasons I Never Get Anything Done

In no particular order:
  • I made the mistake of checking my inbox first. 
  • Lego Star Wars.
  • Urgent Twilight "stuff" just randomly pops up. 
  • My kids need to be fed, bathed,clothed or yelled at.
  • The kitty was so cuddly looking I just had to snuggle with her. 
  • I got distracted by something shiny. 
  • I ended up spending half the day in the car going here and there. 
  • I made the mistake of sitting down "for a second" then woke up hours later. 
  • I couldn't get off the internet all day.
  • I thought about it and then said, "Screw it!"  

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Full Twilight Trailer

I think this warrants an international holiday:

Twilight HD Exclusive Trailer


The Greatest Kiss of All Time

Let's slow that down a bit so we can enjoy it... 

Bella and Edward Kiss

(Thanks to Encarnacion for this little gem!)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Oh My Edward!

Attention Twitterers

As if there weren't enough amazing ways to keep in contact with each other and what's going on anywhere and everywhere! I've just started Twittering as of today. Have I covered the whole communications spectrum yet? MySpace, FaceBook, Blogger,, Email, Cell Phone, GoodReads, and now Twitter! 

Follow me and at:

Monday, October 6, 2008

Seasonal Depression

Every year at this time I go into mourning. I was Southern California born and raised and I love love love the heat and sunshine. This past weekend was gloomy and gray and when the weather gets gloomy and gray I get grumpy, unmotivated and a severe case of "the sighs". I miss the weather already. Boo Hoo! Whine! Bah Humbug! Grrrr!

Saturday, October 4, 2008