Monday, October 13, 2008

Ten Reasons I Never Get Anything Done

In no particular order:
  • I made the mistake of checking my inbox first. 
  • Lego Star Wars.
  • Urgent Twilight "stuff" just randomly pops up. 
  • My kids need to be fed, bathed,clothed or yelled at.
  • The kitty was so cuddly looking I just had to snuggle with her. 
  • I got distracted by something shiny. 
  • I ended up spending half the day in the car going here and there. 
  • I made the mistake of sitting down "for a second" then woke up hours later. 
  • I couldn't get off the internet all day.
  • I thought about it and then said, "Screw it!"  


Amy said...

You should NEVER check your inbox if you intend to get anything done! I'm sure mine is nothing compared to yours and I can't get anything done if I check mine so I'm sure it's 1000 times worse for you!

Britten said...

Let's hear it for Lego Star Wars and the top 10 things I do everyday!

John and Heidi said...

I my top ten looks much like yours. I am either busy with lego stars wars or Twilightmoms.

Lisa said...

I think I feel another website coming on... "Lego Star Wars MOMS"! LOL!