Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Is On It's Way

It has been a while since I've updated. *coughchristmascough* So, I thought along with my updated summery background I'd ad a little update on life.


The end.

Okay, no really. It's the end of the school year... ALREADY! This is the last week of school and I'm wondering where it went... and how I'm gonna keep the kids occupied. hmmm... manual labor? LOTS of manual labor? Yes, that and lots of running around barefoot outside from trampoline to trampoline in the neighbors' yards.

Caleb will be entering the 2nd grade! Big 2nd grader!!! I'm hoping for a miracle with that boy. The miracle is that he learns how to preserve the knees of his jeans. You would think the kid walks around on his knees all day at school! Seriously, how do they wear them down so fast?! It gets expensive... and embarrassing when you have to send him in tattered pants, because that's ALL HE HAS! ugh. Why do they even make boys jeans with knees in them. They should just replace that area with metal.

Rebecca is one step closer to middle school now. *sob* I don't like watching her grow up. :( It scares me. This year we had the big "maturation meeting" at her school with the nurse and the 5th grade girls and their moms. Can I just say... YIKES!!! Yeah... I think that's all I want to say about that right now. 0_0 Other than that, her favorite band right now is Lifehouse. YES! She and I rock out and sing to each other into our air microphones along with them. The girl has great taste. What can I say. ;)

I've been super busy helping plan the "Eclipse Party on the Plaza" up at Jordan Landing here in UT. So I'll continue, as I have been to occupy tons of time with that. Plans are coming together. We are just praying for sun on June 29th!!! No rain on that day, please!!!

My father in law is an old retired leathery cowboy and he always prays for moisture, but like with my wedding day, I'll have to have him change the wording in his prayers for a nice sunny day, just on that day, any other day can have moisture-but NOT that day. :)

All the women involved with this event are just awe inspiring! I am just so amazed that they keep coming back for more! It's like we all must be glutton for punishment because the tremendous stress of pulling something of this caliber together along with the already stressful and demanding lives we all have with jobs, family, volunteering, etc, etc, etc. just seems like more than a normal sane person would want to put up with, but ya know... somehow we just crave it. We crave the challenge and we crave the experiences of just being together as a bunch of crazy friends. What could be more normal than that, right?

Anyway, wish us luck!

And keep Logan in your prayers for his *last* semester of school. *knock on wood* It just doesn't seem like it can actually be that close but... it is! He's enjoying summer break right now but when he goes back, it's for the last semester. And then WORK. I've already been praying for the dream job to just fall in his lap for him. (ummm... yeah... I'll keep praying on that... )

Thus far this summer hasn't been too summery. It actually snowed this morning! (Dang that Papa, prayin' for moisture!) But I'm still holding out hope for warm days ahead, and the smell of dirt and sunshine on my kids at the end of the day. How I do love summer!

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