Monday, December 1, 2008

4 Days of Thanksgiving

I'm finally back from my four full days of non-stop eating! Yes, I shamelessly stuffed my face with all that fabulously fattening food each and every day of the holiday weekend and enjoyed every minute of it! All I have to say is... thank heaven for family, friends, and cream cheese! If I ever left my husband, it would be for a brick of softened cream cheese... I kid you not! 

Now that Monday is here and life is somewhat back to normal, I was able to finally get caught up on my emails... somewhat... and I have been working on putting my house back together after the long weekend. Although we weren't home for a very large portion of it, for some reason just the simple fact that my kids and husband don't have school automatically makes my house dirty and disorganized. It's one of those unexplainable, but accepted anomalies of my life. 

I've got dinner already done for the most part, which is super exciting for me. And I will probably attempt to tackle mount wash-more next, but now that the kidlets are home I have a feeling that I should stop trying to go down my to-do list before the inevitable frustration sets in from the feelings of lack of accomplishment with the last items. It's best just to bask in the glory of sense of accomplishment from the items I did get to cross off and then just "go with the flow" after 3:30pm for me. So, here I go... 

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Kathy Habel said...

Great idea to take a break! The to do list is never done anyway.