Friday, December 19, 2008

Birthday Project for Stephenie

ATTENTION ALL TwilightMOMS, TwilightTEENS, and Twilight20Somethings!!! 

TwilightMOMS is putting together a Happy Birthday video for Stephenie Meyer in conjunction with our other fansite friends out there! 

What we need for from you:

  • A 15 second video telling Stephenie Happy Birthday AND why Esme and Carlisle Rock! 
  • Or a photo from a time you met Stephenie and we will include it in the video!
Each of the fansites is taking a couple, group, or character from The Twilight Saga and we have Carlisle and Esme. Let’s wish our favorite author a happy birthday by thanking her for these great characters!

But HURRY! We need to have all these in by the 20th! 

Send videos or pics to 

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