Friday, December 5, 2008

Finished The Wizard of Oz

I finished reading The Wizard of Oz to my kids the other day. And all I have to say is... what was he smokin'? No, I'm just kidding... (but not). If you've only seen the movie then you've seen a very different version of the L. Frank Baum classic. My son really enjoyed the story and looked forward to it every night (for more than a reason to prolong going to bed). 

It was such a crazy adventure! When the scarecrow gets his brains they are nothing more than a big ball of needles (like actual sharp needles) mixed with a cup of bran (as in the fiber). And when he thinks the needles start poking out of the burlap sack that is his head. (I know! I know! Crazy!) And the flying monkeys? Well, they are under the power of the person who holds the "golden cap". The witch had this cap at first and then Dorothy melted her like brown sugar while trying to mop the floor while the witch was messing with Dorothy who was her kitchen-slave (which I find an entirely relatable situation). Dorothy then takes the cap and has the winged monkeys at her command. (But the keeper of the cap can only summon them a total of three times.) Their adventures also lead them to a whole town made of fine china. The people, houses, and animals are little figurines who have to be very careful or they might break themselves. (cuckooooo! hello!)

With today's technology, they could absolutely remake a more accurate movie version, but... it might freak me out a little. My kids, on the other hand, would LOVE it! Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of fantasy in general. (Yes, I realize vampires and werewolves are "fantasy" and aliens are sci-fi. My two least favorite categories yet also where some of my most favorite books fall under. But those books are more "real-life" based so I have a hard time with the classification sometimes. :P ) But I don't want my kids to be as picky as me with books so I'll read them anything that will stimulate their imagination even if that includes some pretty freaky wacked out stuff, man

Up next is probably Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites by Chris Heimerdinger... we just choose from what we have around our house, and since this is MY house we're talking about... the choices are very limited. (I'd rather read Where the Red Fern Grows or Super Fudge and I'm really close to scouring the house for loose change just to go purchase one or the other.) What about the local library? you ask? Bwahahaha! First off, I live in Springville,  Utah: ie Crappy Libraryville. And second, the anxiety I suffer from borrowing a book from the library and bringing it into my home... where my children, my very own over-caffeinated flying monkeys live is just far too much to ask of me. I have more respect for public library books than to endanger them in that way. 

I'm kidding of course! I do take my kids to the library sometimes and let them mess up the book displays in the kids section, or act like I don't know whose unruly children they are when I see them stand entirely too close to someone in deep concentration trying to use the computer until they are just so uncomfortable that they leave and my child then takes the empty seat while simultaneously clickclickclickclicking the mouse to make something, anything, happen on the screen. It's loads of fun! And sometimes they even get to pick 2 books (only!) to check out. 

Anyway, getting back to the point... Dorothy's shoes aren't even red! They are SILVER! And my kids and I would never have known the truth if we hadn't read the book together! 


Kathy Habel said...

I'll have to read Oz sometime... just to see what I'm missing by only watching the movie.

Britten said...

WOW! That is some wonky stuff! o_O

See...and I bet die hard fans of the book whined and griped when the movie came out and was completely different. Much like some Twilight fans don't like the movie because of that same reason, but it is loved in general.

In this case, I think I much prefer the movie version of OZ. I wonder what those fans who are new and found Twilight because of the movie will think of the books being so different from the movie??

That would be interesting to find out...

Amber, Dan, and Fam said...

I am a die hard Oz series fan, and have been since I was 14. They are some of my all time favorite books. :)

As for the differences between the movie and book. Yes I would've liked it to be more true to the storyline, but given the time and lack of technology then, I think it is perfect and definitely a classic in its own right.

But I detest the "sequel" to Wizard of Oz. It is a combo of the 2nd two books, and the storyline is so changed and made a lot scarier and darker that the books are. It was a travesty, in my opinion.

Anyway I got all excited when I saw you read it, nd had to comment.

Oh and did you know that Dorothy is actually a blonde? Yep, she is. ;)

Lisa said...

I didn't even know it was a series! Holy Cow! I really wish I were a fan of fantasy. It seems like I'm missing some standard gene everyone else has. I don't know what it is! You don't know the razzing I've taken from my family after admitting I don't care for Harry Potter after trying to read it 2 or three times and never getting past chapter 1, or Lord of the Rings which I knew better than to try and read but even lost interest and turned off the movie after the first half hour into it. I've never even seen any of the three movies in entirety... and I LOVE all the actors in it... in other things.

It's sad, but if any book or movie description involves words even remotely like "dragon" or "potion" or "mystical" my brain automatically turns off.

Amber, Dan, and Fam said...

LOL that is too funny. ;) I love all the books you mentioned. It is interesting that the Twilight saga pulled you in so completely, when you have such a block for anything fantasy.


Karina said...

Some of my children's favorites are Captain Courageous and Treasure Island. Check this website out for books of all prices, new and used. We use it all the time.