Saturday, May 2, 2009

Birthday Wishes


For Britten's Birthday she gave one request to any and all friends in the general vicinity of this AMAZING shop:

... to go there and eat a cupcake for her. How could we resist?! It was her birthday wish! And we wanted to make it come true... right??? That's the least we could do for her... on her birthday, right? (You bet your sweet bippy it is!) When I'm given a crucial mission to accomplish, and if there are pastries involved... I'M IN! No questions asked!

And so Britten, I just hope it was the BESTEST birthday EVER!!! 

Love ya!
... p.s. The cupcakes this place are the best I've ever had in my entire life! 


Melissa said...

This could possibly be more upsetting than missing conference. Waaaahhhh. I'm so into the pastry. :) Next visit, I'm putting it on the the top!

Britten said...

It was the BESTEST birthday EVERRRRRR!! Thanks to you guys!! You are the AWESOMEST!!