Monday, May 11, 2009

My Birthday Weekend

One year older and wiser too! Well, older anyway. I turned 36 over the weekend and had a fabulous birthday. I've never seen so many birthday wishes! I tried to keep my birthday a secret last year but you know how it is... someone who already knows is always gonna tell anyone who asks (I know because I do it too. LOL!) , so the cat is out of the bag and I think it's safe to say it's public knowledge now. 

I had only one birthday request from my family and it was that we go to The Sweet Tooth Fairy and everyone pick out a cupcake (I have to say, I also got one of their ginormous sugar cookies with frosting and it was heavenly!). Pickin's were slim at the end of the day but we made off with 3 Lemon, 1 Cookies n' Cream, 1 Vanilla Squared, and 1 Chocolate with Vanilla frosting. It goes without saying they were fabulous! We all had to taste each others. I seriously have never tasted better cupcakes in my life! I think they secretly sprinkle each one with a pinch of sin! 

And speaking of sin... my dinner choice was the current local food obsession for my husband and I. Zubs (Pizza and Subs). Logan and I have had Zubs so many times in the past month that I'm worried the owners will think we are stalking them! But rest assured owners of the awesomest sandwich shop on the planet... it's your food we want! I've even begun referring to this place as "Lucifer's Sandwich Shop"! It's SO good it has to be bad! And I would never have thought this if they hadn't started serving breakfast too!!! Give me a break!!! These guys make a monstrosity of a cinnamon roll that is not only irresistible but it is affordable too! $1.99 for a cinnamon roll bigger than my children! Ugh! I should move... somewhere I'm not surrounded by great stuff to eat! Either that or I should just accept my increasing voluptuousness and enjoy.  

Whatever I choose in the end, it was a great birthday with birthday wishes from friends around the world, family surrounding me, and good food to top it off. You can't get better than perfect! And that's what I got! 


~yoga~ said...

Glad you had a wonderful birthday!!!
Lurve you...


Georgia said...

I demand a trip to Lucifers Sandwich Shop next time I am in town ;)


Britten said...

Me too!! I'm so glad you got some yummy fairy cupcakes for your birthday. ♥

Don't worry...we can be pleasantly plump together. =)