Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Twilight Gadgets! Gotta Love Google!

As if I needed another way to obsess over Twilight! These are gadgets that you can add to your iGoogle page and get a daily dose of whose ever team you're on! Everyday there is a different picture. My neighbor just told me a about these and I just had to share with everyone!!! I'm totally gonna try and figure out how to make some TwilightMOMS gadgets!!!

Click the Google button to add them to your iGoogle page! =) 

Add to Google  New Moon Count Down

Add to Google  Twilight Photo of the Day

Add to Google  Bella & Edward

Add to Google  Robert Pattinson

Add to Google  Taylor Lautner

Add to Google  Twilight Cast

Add to Google  Twilight Hotties


Brittany said...

Hi there- I am a product marketing manager for iGoogle. I'd love to help promote these gadgets, but we can't promote gadgets with ads in the main view (they can only be in the maximized view). Let me know if you can get them changed, and we'll help promote!

You can tweet at me once the changes are made:

Lisa said...

Hi Brittany! I went to your twitter page but there is no way to message you. Is there an email or phone # I can contact you through?