Monday, November 24, 2008

The Boys Have Been Busted!

I just got back from my 4th and NOT-final time seeing Twilight and found the most amusing sight in the theater... I have to share! The boys have been busted! Big time! I went to a matinee, and I kid you not... guys are going to see this movie in the daytime matinees alone so they are not caught! There was one right in front of me and one 2 chairs down. Both completely alone hunched down in their seats then leaving the theater faster than Edward out of Biology once the credits began and before the lights went up. I wondered if maybe I was the only one to witness this but after getting home and telling some friends about it, one of my friends (in another state) exclaimed that she had witnessed the same anomaly in a theater she was in for a Saturday matinee!!! 

Now the question is... Are they closet fans? Or just trying to see what their wives/girlfriends have been going on about relentlessly for the past 9 months? And the next question is... What did they think... honestly... ? Hmmmm... 


Val said...

I went today, for my 4th time also. There was a man there by himself. Maybe they don't realize it's not a "real" vampire movie? Or maybe they are wondering what is going through our heads.
I took my husband to the Friday night showing, he said it was OK. I asked him if he could now see why I'm so obsessed with Edward? He told me no.
Oh well.

abhau Family said...

I just sat down in front of the computer finding that my wife left it open to this page. I read the first blog entry and decided to respond....

I have read all the books and thought that the action squences were very good, but had a difficult time making through the the other 80% of the book (which took place in Bella's head). I iniitially resd the books to prepare for our 10th wedding anniversary, which was a surprise trip to Forks (and a Host book signing in Portland) this past May (we live in North Carolina).
Now, I really enjoy the story, but would not call myself a "fan."
I did attend the midnight showing with several of my wife's friends AND theior boyfriends/spouses.
"Boys" that have to sneak into the theater to watch it need to get over themselves. Or, the reason that they probably feel the need to sneak is because all you "girls" would give them a hard time about going. Not that you would intentioanally make fun of them, but ANY comment you make would probably hurt their fragile egos. So, if you know a "boy" who has seen it, just tell them, "that's cool that you went. Did you like it?" and leave it at that.
If this was the attitude, I think the movie's gross earnings could double...

My spin on the movie, if anyone cares.
I thought the "cheesiness" during the 1st half of the movie kept the movie from being a dark/horror film. I think this was necessary to set a not so serious tone. Bella and Edward were both cast well. Jacob seems like he will be making leaps and bounds as an actor since Shark Boy/Lava Girl.
My favorite character was Charlie. He was EXACTLY what I dreamt up from the books.
I am really looking forward to see how they cast the Volturi. They need to get a big name for one of these parts to help solidify this movie as big time.
Best part: Alice and the snapping of Jame's vertebrae.

Here's to a much larger budget for the sequel and a sequel to The Host.