Monday, November 17, 2008

Replay of the Twilight Red Carpet LA Movie Premiere


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for giving a taste of what we missed...It would have been great to have been there...I already have tickets to the midnight show and the 8 p.m. show this Friday morning and night !!!

kerr-bear said...

wow thanks so much. I live in Ireland and this premeiere didn't start until 3am for me and I just didn't have the engergy to stay up with work this morning.
I look forward to watching tonight when i get home.
Have anyone seen the movie yet?
Has anyone seen any reviews?
Peter Facinelli says its great and he seems like a smart guy so hopefully he's right.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for such great coverage. The Q & A was really good. Looking forward too the midnight show thursday night !!!!! Excited in Oklahoma

Anonymous said...

WOW! I am amazed at the work you ladies do for all the TM's out there! I'm a bit envious too! Can't imagine why?;-) Thank you for get/sharing such great coverage of my greatest obsession!

carlton said...

Have you seen the trailer for Twilight is it about a vampire doesn’t suck blood? Are there any like that. Seems like it was totally different movie I read more about it at it is so beautiful Elizabeth Reaser