Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Here Comes Christmas

I'm already feeling the stress and strain of Christmas being just around the corner! Nevermind Thanksgiving! I gave up worrying about that a long time ago... and admittedly, as of yet we still have no idea if we're going anywhere or just staying home, or what is even on the menu if we do! UGH! I KNEW that by this time I would be standing around perplexed wondering where the year went and why I haven't accomplished anything on my to do list. And now here comes Christmas!

My kids are easy... whatever toy commercial comes on, they automatically say, "Can I get that!" To which my response is "no, stop saying that or I'll turn on the news."

Becca LOVES babies. She loves her dolls. She loves pretending they are real to the point that she tries to make real milk bottles for them and feed them real food. (her dolls look atrochious, they're loved so much!) She even steals the neighbor's stroller and car seat/carrier out of their garage to take them for walks and rides. She steals real diapers from people's changing tables even!

Caleb wants anything a 6 year old boy would want. Anything Star Wars, Transformers, or Spongebob. Anything remotely related to a sport that uses any kind of ball. And anything and everything Lego!

For my husband I am always at a loss. What do you get a pack rat? What do you get a guy that could open his own thrift store without adding to the already out of hand junkification of the house? Hmmmmm....

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