Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Just Saw Twilight!!!

So, I just got back from seeing a little film called Twilight... heard of it? Yeah, it pretty much ROCKED!!! It was a relatively small group in the theater full of press and radio dj's from various stations, but there were squeeeees aplenty by the lucky fans who were able to attend this special prescreening! I kept wondering what these poor press people were thinking as I watched them shake their heads and laugh, then scribble on their notepads. LOL! 

Well, I know what I thought... and I have been sufficiently dazzled! The CGI was great! The emotion and intensity of the characters and the story translated to the screen far better than I had imagined! There is just so much to say but unfortunately I'm not a Cullen and I desperately need sleep right now so I can get up to get my kids ready for school in the morning. I will get a review up soon and don't worry, I won't reveal too much! I want you to be able to savor watching it your first time like I did! Catherine Hardwicke, you caught the vision and you delivered! 

For now enjoy this little blurb from the guy seated in front of me:


Unknown said...

Oh Lisa! I am so happy for you! And still very *green*. I can't wait until Friday. Thanks for answering my endless questions. I love the blog from the guy in front. Cracked me up! What's this though about the theater being "full" of TM's?? LOL


Lisa said...

There was a giant section of radio station winners and I was surprised to see a handful of TMs who were either winners of contests or were able to somehow get their hands on the hottest tickets in Utah! (There are legions of TMs out here so I expected to see a couple, but not the number that I was surprised to see there! It was awesome!)

Kathy Habel said...

Glad so many of you got to see it early.